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Wynter - Pilot

Drama, Science-fiction/Fantasy

Region: Western

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 45:51

are an evil race of beings with mythical powers who want to destroy mankind.
The only one who can stop them is a Street Nurse named
A hybrid - half human, half
Her destiny is to protect humans from the evil tricksters, many of whom escaped through an
otherworldly portal. A portal Wynter opened...
She was tricked into it by her deadbeat dad
a solitary, malevolent trickster.
Poor Gabe. He’s been languishing in a subterranean Trickster dungeon for 28 years – his
punishment for defying the Trickster code and getting a human woman, Wynter’s mother Anna,
pregnant with Wynter.
Gabe’s boss,
reigning Master of the Trickster realm, made Gabe an offer he couldn’t
refuse: he’ll be freed from prison if he suddenly appears in Wynter’s life, prey on her human
emotions and then trick her into using her dormant Trickster powers to open the portal.
It worked.
With the portal now open, Coyote can liberate all the evil tricksters from the underworld and
launch them into the human realm. The Cleansing has begun. Soon the Tricksters will
overwhelm humanity. Kill the strong and enslave the weak.
Humanity’s time is over. Now is the time of the Tricksters...

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Wynter Pilot Inc. ,Animiki See Digital Production Inc. ,Really Good Stories Inc.

Cast/Participants: Kaniehtiio Horn, Lorne Cardinal, Cara Gee, Lawrence Bayne, Mary Galloway, Eugene Baffoe, Wesley French, Matthew Stefanson, Meegwun Fairbrother, Aiden Batzel, Sharon Bajer, Carson Nattrass, Terry Ray, Kristen Sawatzky, Jake Kennerd