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Wingin' It

Children's & Youth, Comedy, Science-fiction/Fantasy

Porter Jackson must buddy-up with 14-year-old Carl Montclaire to make him a star at Bennett High. Freewheeling Porter claims he can make anyone popular. Now he must prove it to gain full angel status.

 Carl’s miserable life is a challenge, but the odd-couple’s sitcom chemistry works as Carl negotiates typical teen issues: making the team, carrying out tough class assignments, winning admirers, avoiding dorkiness, dressing right and choosing cool music.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Temple Street Productions

Cast/Participants: Dylan Everett, Demetrius Joyette, Jennifer Robertson, Jamie Bloch, Wayne Thomas Yorke, Brittany Adams, Brian White, Sebastian Hearn, Hannah Lochner

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Awards & Nominations


Canadian Screen Awards



Shaw Rocket Prize