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Why Men Cheat


Breakthroughs in neuroscience, genetics, evolutionary psychology, anthropology and sexology suggest amoral exploits among powerful men are much more than bad behaviour. The promiscuity and risk-taking may be hardwired – a controversial idea that challenges the value of monogamy.

The world is awash with influential men who jeopardize everything for that most lowly of goals, sexual gratification. A sordid array of immorality has become front-page news, from Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged sexual assault and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s child out of wedlock to former CIA director David Petraeus’ recent resignation due to infidelity. One question recurs: What were they thinking?

Sex columnist Dan Savage, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, and noted experts on human behaviour and sexuality explore the murky male lusts that endanger marriages, reputations, and careers – and how some come to believe they can abandon normal constraints.

Why Men Cheat charts the history of men’s illicit romps – from Genghis Khan to Bill Clinton – as social norms and expectations evolve, and along with that, the tolerance for what privilege and power permit. In contrast, the documentary also explores industries where men are encouraged by women to behave badly – for a price.

More than a provocative look at the complex, glamorous and often dangerous world of high-powered, male sexuality, Why Men Cheat is a crash course in what makes alpha males tick – and why some are ticking time bombs.


Cast/Participants: Roxanna Dunlop, Simon Rose

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