What's Your News?

Animation, Children's & Youth

The structure of every episode of What’s Your News? is based on the format of a TV news program. The program is staffed by a large crew of ants, one bird, and an anteater who thinks he’s an ant.  At the beginning of every episode, our studio anchors Grant and Antony (the anteater) welcome the audience and lead it through the news program. Every episode contains Headline News (photos of real kids with real news), a Traffic Report (by Avi-Ant who flies a helicopter on location in the real world), and a Weather Report from Flickaboo (the bird), aided or hindered by her two helpers, Iggy and Peek. 

What gives each episode its unique through-line is the Breaking News, a story based on a real experience a child has told our writers.  At the beginning of each episode, a child calls into Grant and Antony with his or her news – “My dog’s gone missing.”  “I’m dressing myself by myself for the very first time”  “I’m having a sleepover with my best friend.”  Roving reporter Gi Ant speeds to the child’s location to report.   There are a number of complications to the breaking news story, so Gi reports a number of times during the show on these developments and ultimate conclusion.  There is often a one-scene “B” story to go with the main story.   The Traffic Report, The Weather Report, and Grant and Antony’s comic links relate specifically to the Breaking News story, which is really the heart of every episode.  A key element of the show is the appearance of The Experts, who are children who give their unscripted opinion, help, or other thoughts on the Breaking News story.

The final segment of the show is called Viewers’ News, which varies in length from about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  Real kids tell their real news to the camera, spontaneously and completely unscripted.  The balance between live action real kids and the animation in any episode is roughly 50-50.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Original Pictures Inc.

Coproduction Partner(s): TT Animation

Cast/Participants: Jason Hopley, Ralph Abbott, David Peters, Melanie Leblanc, Jennifer McDonald

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