War Junk IV

Action/Adventure, Documentary, History

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 2 X 44mins

In the fourth season of War Junk professor David O’Keefe and filmmaker Wayne Abbott investigate two of the grandest, and most challenging, Allied missions of World War 2. First they head to Arnhem to explore the battlefields of Operation Market Garden, the biggest airborne operation in military history – that utilized thousands of paratroopers in an attempt to take a number of objectives, which would later be featured in the film A Bridge Too Far. Secondly, the pair tackle the Rhineland Campaign, which saw one of the biggest artillery operations ever, followed by fierce forest fighting, and then an epic crossing of the Rhine River. Along the way they find a number of mysterious items, each connected to soldiers involved in the fighting. These soldiers include an American who died defending his comrades, a Brit who survived being a POW, and a Canadian who missed death by the mere inches. For each item, the mysteries surrounding them can only be solved by discovering the true identity of the soldiers who used them. However, the final pieces of these puzzles rest with those who knew the soldiers more than anyone else, their families.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Northern Sky Entertainment Ltd.

Cast/Participants: David O'Keefe, Wayne Abbott

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