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Vie secrète des Lacs 2

English, French (Available dubbed in English & subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 60 minutes

The lakes on our planet function as immense and priceless reserves of fresh water. The result of the most varied climatic and geological conditions, our lakes maintain a fragile balance between the water that feeds them and the water they feed to the rivers.

The apparent similarity of our lakes hides an extraordinary diversity. Some lakes are as deep as oceans; others you can almost walk across. Some lakes seem eternal while others are as ephemeral as the seasons. In spite of their differences, all lakes have one thing in common. In their depths and on their banks, they shelter a rich and multifarious array of life forms.

The secret life of lakes is revealed in this three-episode documentary series. We discover how nature and humans live in harmony thanks to the little-known water cycles of the lakes on our planet.

The series also allows provides the opportunity to admire their striking and everchanging physical beauty.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Nova Média

Coproduction Partner(s): ZED Production