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Unseen Toronto

Documentary, History, Lifestyle, Mystery/Crime/Detective

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: Episodes range from 24-28 minutes

Unseen Toronto is a 6 part documentary series that explores the city's secrets and reveals fascinating, rarely seen spaces typically off-limits to the public. From a behind-the-scenes tour of the air traffic control center of Pearson Airport, to a rare visit inside the Old City Hall Clock Tower, Unseen Toronto tells the stories of historically interesting and culturally significant locations that few people have ever seen before.

Visually rich and entertaining, Unseen Toronto is the first show to reveal the massive attic hidden above the Legislative Building at Queen's Park; the nuclear accelerator hidden in a sub-basement in downtown Toronto; and climb inside the cupola of St. Lawrence Hall (and ring its long forgotten bell).

Each episode examines a theme that plays an integral role in defining the character of the city.

Hosted by passionate urban explorer Derek Flack (BlogTO), Unseen Toronto uncovers hidden areas of iconic structures that many people never knew existed before, or lacked the access to explore themselves. The stories behind each location are told by the “tour guides” who know these places best -- those who live, work, and breathe in them.


Cast/Participants: Derek Flack: Host

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