Unité 9


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

 Two major challenges await Marie Lamontagne – confronting the death of her two children and reconnecting with her husband, Benoit Frigon, the man she accuses of abusing his daughter. Léa is no longer there to tell her what really happened. Marie will have to look for evidence herself to confirm or deny that her husband committed that unforgivable act. Jeanne is in a precarious state of health. Doctors have not been able to determine the aftereffects of the courtroom assault. Booba is left facing serious charges of assaulting an officer of the peace, attempted murder of a detainee, and inciting violence. Suzanne must find a way to help her daughter-in-law who’s just become pregnant. She was about to encourage her to leave her abusive son. But now she’s decided to believe that the birth of a child can help them be happy together. Michèle must be patient and hope her babies will be born healthy. She’s just a few months of away from a possible parole, but her record (single mother) won’t help her in pleading her case at the upcoming hearing on her release. Henriette is becoming more and more socially well-adjusted and will soon leave Maximum. They’re looking for the facility best suited for her. Shandy is handling her health condition very badly. She must learn to live without what she loves best: drugs and sex. Caroline has been troubled by internal conflict since the attack on Jeanne, and decides to resign. The men of Lietteville never had so many difficult cases to manage before. Normand, Martin, Steven, and Georges really have to pay careful attention to each and every one of their files.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Aetios Productions

Cast/Participants: Guylaine Tremblay, Eve Landry, Catherine Proulx-Lemay, Céline Bonnier, Geneviève Schmidt, Danielle Proulx, Catherine Toupin, François Papineau, Luc Guérin, Salomé Corbo, Debbie Lynch-White, Paul Doucet, Jean Marchand, Normand Daneau, Luc Guérin, Émilie Bibeau et Patrice L'Écuyer, Ayisha Issa, Myriam Côté

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