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Trajectoires V


Region: Atlantic

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 8 hrs

Trajectoires is a documentary series based on the life trajectory of former NHL players. In each episode, Trajectoires lets the subjects (the star-players) tell their story from their point of view. We get to experience the ups and downs with them during their careers. The series often leaves career statistics and facts aside to focus more on the human side of the guest’s story. In this way, Trajectoires gives a truly personal and thorough portrait of individuals that have something in common with their audience ...It’s their life but we share their passion.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Connections Productions

Cast/Participants: Sylvain Turgeon, Joé Juneau, Alex Tanguay, Marc-André Bergeron, Philippe Boucher, Yvon Lambert, Eric Bélanger, Éric Desjardin

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