Trait d'humour 2018


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 13 x 60 min.

Produced in Quebec City at the ComediHa! Fest-Québec, Trait d’humour treats viewers to the most promising emerging comedy talent in and outside of Quebec.

After many evenings of auditions, rehearsals, and honing their material in front of audiences, comedians are selected, and aided and abetted as they participate in the production of the television series.

Trait d’humour is a comedy entertainment show where talented comedians of all genres and cultures meet, exchange, and perform before a live audience.

It’s a meeting place for some great cultural encounters. A sharing of worlds sometimes explosive, sometimes reflective…but always funny. Backstage it’s laid-back with plenty of socializing, while up front it’s do what you gotta do to get the laughs.


Cast/Participants: Cathy Gauthier, Nicholas Audet, Simon Delisle, Donel Jack'sman, Brian Piton, Sébastien Dubé, Vincent Léonard, Mike Beaudoin, Serge Yvan Bourque, Dave Morgan, Christopher Williams, Étienne Dano, Alexandre Bisaillon, Harry, Émilie Ouellette, Jessy Sheehy, Julien Tremblay, Yannick De Martino, Joe Guérin, Jérémie Larouche, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, Billy Tellier, Kev Adams, Christine Morency, Pierre-Bruno Rivard, JC Surette, Pierre-Luc Pomerleau, Vincent C, Sébastien Haché, Jacob Ospian-Echeverria, Cathleen Rouleau, Derrick Frenette, Marko Métivier, PE, Sexe Illegal, Sylvie Tourigny, Mike Beaudoin, Gabrielle Caron, Charles Deschamps, Mathieu Ségui, David Beaucage, Bun Hay Mean, Matthieu Pepper, Coco Béliveau, Dave Gaudet, Nicholas Lavoie, Pascal Cameron, Julien Dionne, Alexandre Forest, Alexandre Meunier, Mike Paterson, Martin Turgeon

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