The Real MASH


There’s more to the MASH entertainment franchise than most people would guess. The Real MASH traces the original stories and people that inspired the fictional TV series and feature film about the Korean War. While both pushed through cultural and social frontiers, real-life MASH units were actually more self-contained and renegade – early indicators of the social turmoil and tensions that were to unfold later in the US.

Actors interviewed include Jamie Farr, Loretta Swit and Gary Burghoff. Others are series co-creator Gene Reynolds, surgeons, doctors, nurses, pilots and enlisted men who served in the war. Dramatic recreations, archival film (some never seen before) and rare photographs tell the true stories behind MASH.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Storyline Entertainment

Cast/Participants: Gary Burghoff, Ashley Comeau, Tyler Cowan, Jamie Farr, Mark MacDonald, Michael James Regan, Nick Smyth, Nick Stojanovic, Loretta Swit, Leonard Mario Zgrablic

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