The Mystery Files

Children's & Youth

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2015

Duration: 13 x 22 minutes

What was in bread that killed an ancient mummy? How is chess connected to the video games of today? How do countries decide who’s in charge? And what jobs did our pets used to have?

Kyla, E.B., and their Aunt Tilly are ready to solve these and many more of history’s mysteries!

They’ve inherited the mixed-up files of Great Aunt Hermione filled with seemingly unrelated objects which are actually clues to history’s connection to the present.

Kyla and E.B., with Aunt Tilly’s help, follow these clues to figure out what Aunt Hermione had discovered. With visits to a museum vault, a pizzeria, a motion-capture studio, a dog spa and more, the adventure never stops until each one of Hermione’s mysteries are solved and uploaded to the Mystery Files website.

Join Kyla and E.B. as they solve the Mystery Files, connecting clues that reveal surprising facts about the past and how it connects to who we are and how we live now.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Apartment 11 Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Felicia Shulman, Ethan Burnett, Kyla Madeira


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