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The Genetic Revolution


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 60min

 The Genetic Revolution is a new one-hour documentary that explores the exciting, rapidly evolving world of genetic engineering.It follows a group of brilliant scientists from North America, Europe and Asia as they use powerful new gene editing technologies in ways once thought unimaginable.

Technologies like CRISPR are making it possible to quickly and cheaply change the DNA of all living things, including humans. Genes can be edited almost as easily as words on a computer screen. This new ability to alter our DNA holds the promise of curing disease … saving threatened species … solving the problem of world hunger … maybe even obtaining human perfection. But will the promise be fulfilled? Science Fiction writer  Margaret

Atwood debates the ethics of creating the ”perfect” human and even human animal chimeras – like in her MaddAddam series.

The ability to gain control of our DNA is groundbreaking and revolutionary, and a responsibility all scientists working in the field take seriously. How much genetic tinkering is too much? How do we weigh the risks against the enormous potential benefits? How do we even determine what these are? Renowned scientist  Dr. Jane Goodall weighs in on the potential dangers of tinkering with the genetics of wild animal populations.

The Genetic Revolution follows the science as it progresses at breakneck speeds. Pioneering scientists like Dr. George Church, Dr. Kevin Esvelt, and Dr. John Zhang reveal how gene editing will soon be used to extend our lives, and treat or prevent diseases like malaria and Lyme disease. Families afflicted muscular dystrophy and other inheritable diseases wait with bated breath as technologies are clinically trialed.

The viewer is given all sides of the genetic modification issue and we will never tell them what to think. Sometimes it may seem that gene editing technologies like CRISPR could have unknown ramifications if the science and research progresses at too rapid a pace. Outspoken critic and scientist Dr. Marcy Darnovsky discusses the limits of the technology and the need for further testing and review.

The Genetic Revolution is witness to a tipping point, recording scientific moments that will change the world as we know it and push ethical boundaries to their breaking point. Taking on these philosophical questions and revealing real life human dilemmas... forcing us to ask ourselves: Is a “human being” now anything we want it to be? Are we ready to play God?

Cast/Participants: David, Suzuki