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French (Available subtitled in Aboriginal)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 30min

Leave home to study elsewhere. Come back home with a uniform, a badge, and a gun. Become the face of law and order with a mission to serve and protect one and all. It’s not an easy path and it gets strong reactions from family, friends, and those around them. Yet this is the path chosen every year by a small group of First Nations youth who want to become police officers and return to their communities to fulfill their dreams and help bring about change. This is essentially the message conveyed to the young hopefuls at the Alma CEGEP in Lac St-Jean. The path of the law follows the path taken by these young men and women with the desire to have a positive impact in their communities by attacking problems head-on and being on the front lines for them. Their motives are on multiple levels as well as being deeply personal. Some want to follow in the footsteps of their childhood heroes, those characters in police dramas that come to the rescue of widows and orphans. For others, it’s a way of exorcising the demons from their own difficult past.


Cast/Participants: Rodrigue Bellefleur,Nathaniel-Jacob Chachai,Edouard Chulton, Dylan Flamant, Jean-Philippe Fullum-Corriveau, Maxime Goulet, Mélissa Hervieux-Pelletier, Roxanne Mianscum-Lizotte, Matna Ottawa-Dubé, Monique Papatie, Wynoma Petiquay, Sydney Quitich, Jemys Raphaël, Jean-Christophe Tolley

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