Ron James: True North

English (Available subtitled in English)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 60 minutes

 ‘TRUE NORTH’ finds RON JAMES and his poetically charged brand of funny searching for slivers of sanity in a year so categorically ‘cuckoo’, at times it seemed the only one not going ‘off the beam’ was Simone Biles.

          As we approach our ‘sesquicentennial’ with a pin up prime minister so prone to taking his shirt off that a jealous Vladimir Putin is aiming nukes at Rideau Cottage as we speak, our international reputation has never been more stellar. Ron will talk about the news of 2016, which he watched with his mouth agape, as just about every nation on earth but ours went “to hell in a hand cart.”  America completely lost its marbles in a presidential race like no other, and Britain had a ‘senior moment’, impulsively deciding to ‘Brexit’ the EU. According to Ron, when it comes to crazy countries, you know it’s been quite a year when North Korea has to settle for the bronze!

Speaking of medals, Ron will share his Rio-rific take on this year’s Olympics – a moving celebration of sport, culture, and patriotism with a healthy dose of armed robbery, gang war, and untreated fecal matter thrown in for good measure. He’ll fearlessly weigh in on subjects like suddenly ‘legal’ marijuana, Pokemon Go, the ‘Athleisure’ craze, white privilege, Black Lives Matter, ridiculous bathroom laws, the toxic toilet that is Twitter, Donald Trump’s ‘Reign of Error’, and our culture’s rising tide of narcissism, where the average teenager now spends 5 hours a week taking selfies so they can begin cultivating their “personal brand” before they’ve even become a person.

Ron will get personal as well, sharing his own relatable journey through “life’s bright fury.” Whether he’s fighting for the last square inch of space in an airplane’s over-stuffed overhead compartment, or trying to resist his smart phone’s seductive siren song of mindless distractions, Canadians will recognize their own pleasures, pains, and WTF moments in our host’s everyday observations.

 Of course, 2017 is a special year for this country – our 150th birthday – and there couldn’t be a better place to celebrate from than one of Ron’s favourite towns, Kingston, Ontario.


Cast/Participants: Ron James

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