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Resistance: la police face au mur (Resistance : police against the wall)

French (Available subtitled in English)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 68:30

For Fady Dagher, Longueuil’s new Police Chief, the mission is clear: the Police force as we know must be transformed to regain the trust of the public before it’s too late. Simply responding to emergency calls and trying to arrest criminals is inefficient and not profitable. But change is disruptive and resistance is everywhere. For a year and a half our cameras are on the ground following Fady Dagher and his troops in one of the flagship projects of this great upheaval – the fight against sexual exploitation.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Les Productions Flow

Cast/Participants: Fady Dagher, Martin Valiquette, Ghislain Vallières, Fannie Perras

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