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Ranger Rob II

Animation, Children's & Youth

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 22 minutes; 14 episodes

Take all the worlds’ eco zones, throw in some cool amusement park rides, awesome restaurants and extreme nature experiences, mix in some legends, mysterious creatures and a resident yeti, and you’ve got Big Sky Park.

It’s all here. Rugged alpine peaks, airy sandy deserts, tropical lagoons, artic ski hills. Around every corner, there’s an awe-inspiring wonder – from the smallest (fireflies; chameleons) to the largest (avalanches; geysers).

Ranger Rob, our enthusiastic 8 year old boy hero, is all about getting outside to play, explore, help out wherever help is needed and above all to have fun. One day he’s going to be a full-fledged Ranger, just like his Mom and Dad. He’s gaining that experience all the time – it’s hard not to at BSP.

People come from everywhere to experience BSP’s natural wonders: to camp, snowboard, log ride, rock climb, ride the bumper bergs, you name it. There’s a lot going on here and Rob is into it all!


Cast/Participants: Jonah Wineberg, Darren Frost, Stephanie Mills, Zachary Bennett, Helen King, Rob Tinkler, Justice James, Dan Chameroy, Stacey DePass, Dwayne Hill, Connor Price, Carlos Diaz, Denise Oliver, Jamie Watson, Max Caliescu, Peter MacNeill