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Explosive in the most literal way, this new docu-series follows a squad of globe-trotting, thrill-seeking artists and techs dedicated to the magic of fireworks – blowing things up is just part the job.

The elite pyrotechnicians from Montreal’s Groupe Fiatlux-Ampleman (GFA) travel to exotic places (Berlin, Seoul, Rio), power through exhausting schedules, battle harsh weather and solve complex technical glitches on the fly. There is no room for error with tens of thousands of dollars on the line and hundreds of thousands of people watching. Worse, mistakes can be fatal.

The team includes adrenaline-fueled techs Philippe Girard and Sebastien Roy, renegade designers Eric Cardinal and Benoit Berthelet and a troop of ragtag rookies – all driven by the beautiful but tough Maude Furtado.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Omnifilm Entertainment Ltd.

Cast/Participants: Kavan Smith

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