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Police scientifique III


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 60 minutes

Murders of unprecedented violence following the same modus operandi over a period of almost 20 years. A man mysteriously disappears while delivering a shipment of cocaine, his body finally found cut up into pieces inside a pickup truck. Young women sexually assaulted by a hooded man who rushes away after the deed is done. What do these horrific crimes have that made them go down in history and into imaginations of Quebecers? In addition to the hard work of experienced investigators, they’ve all been solved thanks to scientific processes and innovative technological advances.

With the help of expert witnesses and dramatic reconstructions, the Police scientifique documentary series brings us right into the centre of police investigations today, where science plays a leading role. In 10 episodes covering as many criminal case files, the show is proof positive that police work and new technologies go hand in hand to bring the bad guys to justice. With DNA, ballistics, and forensic biology now part of the everyday police vocabulary, current scientific methods are yielding astounding results and solving crimes that once went unpunished.