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Pepe et Colori

Animation, Children's & Youth
French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2015

Duration: 50 épisodes de 90 secondes (75 minutes)

Pepe & Colori are two toucans that spread harmony as they travel around the world. Pepe & Colori are the best of friends and special guardians of the Tree of Harmony. The characters in their world experience all kinds of funny and amusing adventures. Whenever a conflict occurs, the Tree of Harmony produces a magical note that helps friends resolve their conflicts. The magical notes in the Tree of Harmony change colour any time a conflict arises. The notes can be blue, purple, red, yellow, or green. Using his guitar, Pepe conveys the magical notes with Colori at his side to help their friends mend their ways and apologize. And harmony is restored. Pepe follows this up with a beautiful rhythmical tune that all the characters dance with joy to. The sky is filled with sparkling magical notes before the notes return to the Tree of Harmony. The Pepe & Colori show explores the values of harmony, happiness, friendship, respect, sharing, and musical awakening.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Pepe & Colori Animation inc.

Cast/Participants: Marc Girard; Karine Jalbert; Gilles Robitaille

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