Parcomètre Blues Saison 3 - Complèteme givré!


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 22:22

Seen through the eyes of our characters, Denis, Max, Georges, Stéphanie, Geneviève, Frédérik, Richard, Martin, Jean-Nicolas, and François, as well as the unlucky motorists caught dead in their tracks on the city’s acres and acres of snow, Season 3 of Parcomètre Blues takes the road less travelled to provide viewers with a fresh look at the situation…all covered in snow and ice!

Told by the one-and-only Réal Béland, Season 3 of Parcomètre Blues travels the streets of Montreal during winter wonderland to dig up hundreds of stories and anecdotes on the art of parking or non-parking...the time of the year when the thermometer disappears below the freezing point just like the smiles disappear on the faces of so many motorists!

Parcomètre Blues 3: Complètement givré always heads to where the action is. In the style of 1970s action TV and movies, we dive again and again into the realism of Montreal and its typical and untypical streets, with their many flaws and their exceptional qualities. The metropolis in winter…it’s grey, it’s dirty, it’s messy, and it’s totally maddening (while paradoxically colourful, charming, and welcoming!) It’s in this environment so full of contradictions that we follow the daily lives of brave “street vigilantes” as they do their best to enforce the laws of the land.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 7752199 Canada Corporation (Media Ranch)

Cast/Participants: Réal Béland - narrateur

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