Myth or Science: The Power of Poo


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 46 minutes

The average person spends three years of their life on the toilet and generates about 900 grams of feces a day - around the world that adds up to a whopping 9 billion kilograms of poo every day.

But we’re not the only ones producing: your doggie drops 125 kg a year, cows more than 20,000 kg and a city like New York, 440,000 tons.

That’s a lot of poop.  And despite our obsession with getting rid of our fecal matter, we’re also fascinated by our floaties.

Jennifer Gardy is no exception. “We’re hard-wired to believe that excrement is gross,” says Gardy, a microbiologist who has spent her career knee deep in dookie. “But scientists are beginning to realize that there may be more to our stools than meets the eye… and nose.”

Not surprising, then, that the pile of poo claims keeps growing: Squatting while you poop rather than sitting will improve your health. Eating a vegan diet will give you better smelling poo.Bird poop can restore skin damage caused by aging. White foods are the best cure for diarrhea. Colon cleanses help you lose weight and strengthen your immune system. Poop shouldn’t float. Poo is mainly composed of water that is safe to drink. You can trace the dog that left a dump on your front lawn by testing its poo.

But are any of these true? In Myth or Science: #2, Gardy goes on a journey to find out by offering herself up as a human guinea pig, performing real life experiments with the world’s top poop researchers, and conducting traditional scientific investigations to put these claims to the test.

But she’ll do more than that.  In her search for answers, Gardy will uncover the latest scientific discoveries about feces, find out if excrement really is our enemy and explain how we may be banishing an extremely valuable resource.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Infield Fly Productions Inc ,IF:Myth 7 Productions Inc

Cast/Participants: Jennifer Gardy