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Mr. Jane and Finch


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 44 minutes

Mr. Jane and Finch is an insider’s look into Toronto’s controversial 2018 municipal election. Against all odds, Winston LaRose, an 80-year-old community activist, believes he can upset the entrenched powers-that-be by becoming the next councillor of the contested Jane and Finch Ward.  

Winston LaRose is the executive director of the Jane & Finch Concerned Citizens’ Organization (JFCCO), the oldest grassroots organization in the community, located inside Yorkgate Mall for 25 years. Winston has become a local champion through his ability to help residents tackle wide-ranging problems from police brutality, eviction, to school expulsion.

Winston fears the intentions of local politicians who plan to push out long-standing residents in order to change the make-up of the Jane and Finch community. What can LaRose do against such powerful adversaries? He decides the only way to effectively help his community is to throw his hat into the political ring.

With no significant funders, no strong fundraising strategy, and little manpower, how effective can his campaign be? Winston believes his support, energy and strong track record of helping the community, can inspire a non-voting community to vote for him.

Initially optimistic about his chances, his campaign is thrown into turmoil when newly elected premier Doug Ford decides to change the political landscape which increases the competition for the single seat of Ward 7,  pitting him against two incumbents. Winston’s small and overworked team begin to disintegrate, and he finds himself in a fight to save his campaign and empower the people of his beloved Jane and Finch.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 10855022 Canada Inc. / Oya Media Group

Cast/Participants: Winston LaRose

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