Mirador III (1-6)

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2015

Duration: 6/60 minutes

Mirador is now doing well and it’s all thanks to Philippe Racine, Richard’s son, that sales are finally on the up and up for the company. But at what a price! Philippe is no longer the man he once was. In just over a year, he has come to look more and more like his father, the man he once criticised so severely. Richard has also changed. His statement to the Commission Lefebvre raises some troubling questions. Whose identity did he threaten to disclose? Did he really have bank accounts outside of Quebec? And, above all, is he okay with speaking that way? Pat is concerned about his condition, and so is his other son, Luc.

Luc has become withdrawn. He’s out at Mirador and now spends his time looking after his wife, Michèle. She was assaulted by his son, Antoine, and suffers from constant migraines as a result. Antoine takes up a lot of space in a Michèle’s head and in her discussions with Luc as a couple. Their relationship is in a bad way...

Meanwhile, the Mirador team has to deal with a very special case. Bobby O’Brian, the well-known hockey player, left his father, who suffers from dementia, alone in the hospital. His father jumped out of a hospital window, suffering a fall that proved to be fatal. Philippe works in collaboration with the CEO of the hospital, to prevent them from being accused of negligence. In exchange, Philippe asks the CEO to open a door for him at the Ministry of Natural Resources. But O’Brian has a big name lawyer, Jeff Gagnon, on his side. He knows how to get his way no matter what, without giving a break to Philippe.

Because of these events, among other things, the company’s position will not remain positive long. The Racines will find a way to stay on track with the help of Chantale, Daniel, and Alexandre, all loyal Mirador employees, and eventually with that of Frank Cohen, one of Richard’s former partners. Fortunately there are those little moments of happiness that find their way into everyone’s life to make hardship easier to take. Lydia and Philippe’s love for each other is passionate and true. Chantale is comforted by Daniel and her daughter Chloé. Pat feels that Richard is the father she never had and is very happy to be by his side.

But the threat still looms, and at a meeting one evening at Richard’s place, gunshots ring out that forever change the lives of the characters in the series.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Mirador inc.

Cast/Participants: Patrick Labbé, David La Haye, Gilles Renaud, Catherine Trudeau, Nathalie Coupal, Geneviève Rochette, Normand Daneau, Steve Laplante, Madeleine Peloquin, Bianca Gervais, Mylène St-Sauveur, Antoine Pilon, Serge Postigo

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