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Animation, Children's & Youth
English, French

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 11 minutes

Go play outside with your friends! For Violet, Tomas, Sami and Kiki, every aspect of life is all about fun and games!   There is nothing they like more than playing outside, especially in the snow on a winter’s day. Violet and Tomas, two BFF’s, are often joined by Sami and Kiki, and together, they are ready to take on the world outside their doors!   At the ripe age of 6, no task is too small to turn it into a game, no feat is off limits to try, and they seamlessly jump into role-play to follow their wild imagination! Still, four different personalities brushing against each other can bring bumps in the road at times, and our friends experience first hand the consequences of considering each other’s feelings and ideas... or not!  Prompt to go, they often act before they think, and limitations, if any, are overcome by trial and error... and suddenly morph into a new solution!  Their made-up-as they-go games are inventive, silly, full of twists and surprises!  Most of all they love to laugh, have fun and have a great time, and watching them do so gives us an irresistible urge to join them. Enough said already, come play outside! «Yippee!»

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Carpediem Film & TV Inc.

Cast/Participants: Benoit Godbout, Zabelle Côté, Claudie Laurie Corbeil, Catherine Brunet, Marguerite D'amours, Valérie Gagné

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