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Méchante Météo

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 45min30

The Méchante Météo documentary series takes us out to meet Quebecers whose lives have been disrupted by the effects of extreme weather. These phenomena are at the heart of each of the six 1-hour episodes. The series reminds us how Quebec and its residents have long been shaped by unpredictable, often wild, and sometimes devastating weather conditions. Heavy rains, snowstorms, lightning, tornadoes, destructive surge, oppressive heat: victims share their traumatic, emotionally charged extreme weather experiences firsthand. Expert commentary helps us to better understand how these phenomena will increasingly affect everyone.


Cast/Participants: Gilles Brien, Lily Lessard, Pierre Gosselin, Jean Morissette, Guy Riendeau, Alain Bourque, Daniel Gagnon, Philippe Gachon, Réjean Ouimet, Marie-Eve Giguere, Marc Briere, Maxime Pedneaud-couture, Claude Paradis, Mario Cyr, Denis Lefaivre,

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