Lip Sync Battle

Variety & Performing Arts
French (Available subtitled in French)

Quebec adaptation of Lip Sync Battle.

Presented by MusiquePlus and V, Lip Sync Battle: Face à face challenges two artists to meet head to head in an unforgettable lip sync battle. Each guest prepares and presents two numbers that are judged by the audience to determine the winner at the end of the evening. Guided and accompanied on stage by a choreographer and a team of dancers, guest artists deliver highly entertaining performances, sometimes even based on the original clips!

Lip Sync Battle is already a success in the US. The show airs on Spike, and is hosted by LL Cool J. Each episode features two major celebrities in ways we’ve never seen them before. (Jimmy Fallon, Anne Hathaway, Mike Tyson, John Legend, Justin Bieber, etc.).

The Quebec version is hosted by the ever-popular Joël Legendre, backed up with insightful and delightful commentary from Marie-Soleil Dion.

The first season was shown on Musique Plus in fall 2015 and will be broadcast as of January 21, 2016, on V.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Salvail télévision IV Inc.

Cast/Participants: Joël Legendre, animateur et Marie-Soleil Dion commentatrice

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