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Children's & Youth

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 30 minutes

Two rival clans in the process of fleeing a volcanic eruption accidentally settle in the same mountain. The cave of the Roc clan is in the basement with the Pierre clan’s at surface level. The two clans must learn to live together for better or worse while avoiding being eaten by sabre-toothed tigers or giant dodo birds. In a nearby clearing, a rather silly shaman named Mystique Denise, and her best friend, Lucy, add a touch of extra nonsense to their adventures. Strong sensations, love stories, and first-time discoveries are all part of everyday life for our distant ancestors, who are a lot less different than you might think from how we are today. Who hasn’t pebble-texted their boss to say they might be late for work or got sweaty palms when inviting someone to the mammoth ball? Despite appearances, they faced the same types of challenges we do today, talked like us, and had their Stone Age versions of TV, emojis, and spinner*. And you can be sure life was never boring for Les Sapiens. In fact, going prehistoric was never so much fun!

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pixcom inc.

Cast/Participants: Samuel Côté, Cynthia Trudel, Jean Fayolle, Christophe Payeur, Geneviève Schmidt, Marie-Eve Morency, Jonathan Caron, Sharon James

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