Les Remorqueurs


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 8 x 30 minutes

The Les remorqueurs documentary series plunges us into the heart of the daily lives of the men and women who crisscross the waters of this unpredictable river in 8 half-hour episodes. Whether towing, escorting, repairing, dredging, or hugging the shore, Tugboats go from dock to cargo to do their job despite the difficulties and risks of the complex maneuvers they have to carry out on the St. Lawrence.

This series allows us to experience the rugged daily life these seaworkers face and takes us into a unique world few have explored.

They are supervisors, captains, sailors, chief engineers, mechanics, welders/assemblers, shipyard foremen, naval architectural technicians, dispatchers...

They are all colourful characters faced with very demanding work that allows no margin for error.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 9288-3578 Québec inc.