Les médecins pleurent aussi


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Canadian Release Date: March 04, 2016

Duration: 52 minutes

The healthcare system is under pressure and showing cracks on all sides. And, behind the scenes, there’s another major crisis no one talks about. Having always been viewed as superheroes, doctors are never willing to admit any of their vulnerabilities. Citizens first class, and cream of the crop, forever at the service of others, today’s doctors are trapped inside this image and by the expectations of their patients and colleagues. It’s the perfect prescription for burnout. This worrisome situation is further aggravated by several factors. While the multicultural mix of patients and an aging population require more consulting time, budget cuts and administrative downsizing put pressure on to do the job in less time. For many physicians, striking a balance between compassion and efficiency is a source of anxiety, and in some cases downright depression and personal crisis. US, Canadian, and European statistics all point in the same direction, with serious consequences for physicians and their patients. The Les médecins pleurent aussi documentary attempts to sound the alarm and address a critical issue that affects public health. Actual testimonies of doctors who courageously break the code of silence and talk openly about their own personal struggles are woven into the film. With the support of experts and practitioners, the narrative deals with the relationship between our health, medical practice, and the bond we have with our family physicians.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Fata Morgana Productions