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Children's & Youth
French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 13 x 30 min

Summer. The season when anything is possible. It’s the season of freedom, adventure, and fun experiences.

For Simone, summer is synonymous with music festivals, extended evenings, and endless brunches in the sun.

For Marie-Philippe, it’s synonymous with improvised road trips, forest adventures, and stargazing under the summer night sky.

This year, the two best friends forever decide to bring it all together and create the perfect summer – weekends in the country, movie nights at drive-ins, summer loves, the Pinterest scenery in the middle of nature’s magic...The best part of all is that the camera follow them in their daily lives to record their experiences, their secrets, and their best tricks for enjoying this exhilarating season to the max before September rolls around.

It’s also a special summer personally for the girls – Marie-Philippe is looking for a new home, and Simone has a wedding to organize – her own!

In this new summer magazine, the two friends put their definition of a perfect summer to the test in the events of their daily life, resulting in a super interesting theme for each episode. Guests and friends of the girls share their summer tips and know-how on each show during the season, to create a sure guide to a perfect summer.