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Le monde selon Thomas Gauthier

Children's & Youth, Comedy

Region: N/A

From the comfort of his room, Thomas Gauthier, notorious vlogger, and modern day poet (not!) shares the many challenges of his life, and the existential questions he faces, with his many fans, who listen religiously to his every word.

Family stories, love, friendship, anxieties, victories, the absurdities of life…nothing is taboo. Supported by or contradicted by his friends Julien, Sarah, and Amélie, Thomas must answer the questions posed in every show.

Epic questions like, “How do you tell your friend they have breath?” Or, “How do you get a lucrative summer job and still get to take it easy?” Or the classic, “How do you get out of cleaning up your room?”

It’s the show where everything is true...or not. Because Thomas is not only the main character in his adventures, he’s also the director. On camera, behind the camera, above or below the camera, Thomas is always in control of how his story is told. So if he doesn’t want you to know his age, he doesn’t have to tell. Is he 16, 19, or 20? You won’t know any more now than you will in the 10th season. Faithful to the frenzied style now so popular online, Thomas uses simulations, flashbacks, skits, and being dropped into the abyss to answer the questions that really torment him. That doesn’t mean he always wins since Thomas has a habit of tripping himself up…


Cast/Participants: Thomas Gauthier, Julien Carpentier-Roberge, Sarah Mottet, Rosalie Vaillancourt