L'Académie - saison 3

Children's & Youth
French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 10 x 21 minutes 30 secondes

Season 3 of L’Académie is about the last mad dash before graduation. Agathe, Marie, and Wendy are obviously counting the sleepless nights before the long-awaited graduation dance. The fast-approaching end of high school brings with it waves of anxiety, fear, and doubt to the gang. Where am I going? What do I want to become? What am I really interested in? But all these big questions pale in comparison to the wind of drastic change imposed on the school after one particularly long night. Fortunately, no matter what happens to their school, no matter how dramatic things get for the students at L’Académie, it’s through their steadfast loyalty to each other that Agathe, Marie, Wendy, Théo, Clément, Scarlett, and even Julie Couture, are sure to graduate with their heads held high and their hearts full of joy.


Cast/Participants: Léa Roy, Juliette Gosselin, Sabrina Bégin Tejeda, Antoine Desrochers, Rémi Goulet, Marianne Fortier

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