À la valdrague 1


Region: Atlantic

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 30 minutes

After several decades away, Rita Melanson (Patricia Léger) returns to the village of Saint-Prospère, a picturesque Acadian community that’s seen better days. After buying the local church and presbytery by accident, she’s determined to attract tourists and set up a business to restore prosperity in her part of the country. Even though her plan is opposed by Lomer (Marcel-Romain Thériault), an old flame and now mayor of the village, Rita can count on help from loyal allies, like her cousin Ferraille (Raphaël Butler) the handyman, her best friend Yolande (Marie-Jo Thério), a reluctant farmer, and Zoël (Gabriel Robichaud), a young bohemian from Quebec.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Mozus productions

Cast/Participants: Patricia Léger, Marie-Jo Thério, Marc Lamontagne, Raphaël Butler, Marcel-Romain Thériault, Claire Normand, Bianca Richard


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