L.A. Complex


The L.A. Complex, a seeming oasis of kindness in a wasteland of indifference, draws aspiring celebs from everywhere. Some stay a week, others a month or 40 years. What they get from each other, though, is support – a rare gift in this entertainment wasteland.

It might be audition advice, a lift to a dance rehearsal, reheated pizza when you’re broke, an impromptu pool party when everyone needs a break, a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a hug when everyone you know is thousands of miles away.

There’s always pressure for Friday’s rent, but upbeat fellow occupants help you feel motivated. And if you get through this week, you can still chase your dream the next. Just work hard and stay long enough – they all know someone will make it, just not who.

Cast/Participants: Jonathan Patrick Moore, Joe Dinicol, Cassie Steele, Jewel Staite, Andra Fuller, Kristopher Turner, Jordan Johnson-Hinds

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