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La chute

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 45 minutes 30 sec

Passionate about horses, Sophie Catherine Laflamme was an accomplished equestrian who lived life to the fullest. Already well-known in the competitive milieu, she had with a very promising future ahead of her.

But during a training routine in April 2012, her horse failed to make a hurdle. Sophie was thrown from her horse and hit her head during a violent fall. Her life crumbled when the doctors told her that she would no longer be able move her limbs or even breathe on her own.

Yet from the very first moments after her fall Sophie was determined to regain her autonomy and, especially, to ride on horseback again!

The La chute documentary invites you to enter the world of this extraordinary champion, a young woman with boundless courage and perseverance. With her devoted parents and exceptional friends by her side, Sophie shares her daily life with us, her challenges, and her resolute passion for horses despite what’s happened to her. She also tells us of her dreams and provides some surprises that are sure to touch any viewer right to the core.

La chute is a tribute to resilience, unfailing friendship...and to life!


Cast/Participants: Sophie Catherine Laflamme

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