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La Boîte à Musique


Region: Quebec

Cœur de pirate breaks into the English market. Bernard Adamus on a major tour promoting his third album. Les sœurs Boulay under pressure to produce their second album. Fanny Bloom in the aftermath of her latest project. Camille Poliquin of Milk & Bone launches a new solo adventure, and Émile Bilodeau is signed to the first album of his career...La Boîte à musique is a documentary series that takes us into the world of the artists at Dare To Care/Grosse Boîte records. Follow the artists, all at different stages in their careers, as they tell their stories, their challenges, their dreams, and their ambitions. La Boîte à musique provides a unique perspective on the life of the singer-songwriter, the music industry, and the musical creative process, all wrapped up in musical performances that support the narrative.


Cast/Participants: Coeur de Pirate, Bernard Adamus, Les Soeurs Boulay, Fanny Bloom, Émile Bilodeau, Camille Poliquin (KROY)