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French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 360

Kebec is a new documentary series that explores the many facets of Quebec’s socio-cultural evolution.

Using the same winning formula, visual energy, and popularity that made the MTL series (2017) such a success, Kebec digs deep into the province’s rich history – both multifaceted and, at times, contradictory – highlighting the past for a better understanding of the present.

The history of Quebec – the major and minor events – is wonderfully told using the same successful format as in MTL: inquisitive host, input from historians and specialists, exciting archival images, entertaining animated recreations, geographical underscoring with maps…and more.

In total, some 20 themes are explored in 12 episodes: the family, the river, the forest, the cuisine, the crimes, the disasters, the medicine, the transportation, the exodus, the holidays, the language, the revolt...

In each case, major Quebec cultural works (including cinema, music, and literature) serve as gateways to the themes, as a reflection of Quebec society at a specific point in history. From there, Kebec goes backward and forward in time, guided by the theme and by the historians and specialists.

Designed as a kind of vast mosaic and socio-cultural thread tracing the origin, development, and transformation of Quebec, Kebec provides a truly captivating television experience to viewers of every taste.


Cast/Participants: Noémi Mercier, Myriam Wojcik, Geneviève Pronovost, Jean-François Nadeau, André Martineau, Anouk Bélanger, Laurent Turcot, Isabelle Picard

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