Karl et Max


Region: N/A

 Karl, Max, and their friend Yvon see their destinies change forever when they discover a bloodied and unconscious man inside a crashed car that suddenly ignites and explodes. At their feet they find a bag with a gun and a ton of money in it. After divvying up the $2.6 million in loot, Karl and Max, whose lives were uneventful before the discovery, are quickly propelled into a world where they clearly do not belong. Despite themselves, the two are in a race against time worth millions to organized crime. At the heart of the action, Karl and Max try to save their dreams and their loves, but first they must save themselves! This series deals with friendship, love, and the consequences of the choices we make. It’s a “dramedy” that deals with value of honesty and reveals how appearances can be very deceiving...

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pixcom inc.

Cast/Participants: Charles Lafortune, Guy Jodoin, Benoit Gouin, Evelyne Rompré