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Jérémie IV - MN

Children's & Youth
(Available dubbed in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 20

Maxime hasn’t had it easy for the past two summers. First, it was cancer. It made him realize a number of things, especially the importance of friendship. And without his job as a lifeguard, Max would probably never have met the people who changed his life. Their destinies would never have crossed paths...

Now with the death of Jérémie this summer, he becomes aware of one of the crueller aspects of friendship and life, which is that anything can happen. For better or for worse.

Maxime is more aware than ever of the importance of the people around him, and, in coping with death and grief, he feels an overwhelming need to live, to do something meaningful with his friends, to document their lives.

It’s first of all through Story (Instagram) that Max finds his voice, his way of expressing himself. But Instagram is limited as a means of communication. It only whets his – and his audience’s – appetite.

Which is why Maxime continues his documentation in more complete, deeper online clips, where he takes the time to sit down and really talk with Raphaëlle, Camille, Rose, and Greg.


Cast/Participants: Lou-Pascal Tremblay, Claudia Bouvette, Mikhail Ahooja, Antoine L'Écuyer, Catherine St-Laurent, Stéphanie Arav-Clocchiatti, Karelle Tremblay

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