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Jax - Merlins-Lineage

Action/Adventure, Animation, Children's & Youth, Family
English, French

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 26 x22 min.

Everything is about to change as Jax is sent out of the big city to a remote animal shelter where he will spend the summer holidays volunteering. In contact with nature for the first time, all his senses will suddenly awaken and the truth will be revealed: magic flows through his body as he his the heir of Merlin!

Along with his new friends, Phil and Emy, and helped by the magical creatures they can evoke, he will soon face is evil ancestor, Silas, who happens to be Merlin’s father. Banished from his realm and sent to our world in exile, a thousand years ago, he waited in the shadow for an opportunity to regain his throne and get his revenge. This day has finally come.

Helped by Blaise, Merlin’s old friend, Jax will engage in an epic quest to master his power and stop Silas before it is too late. Not only will this journey test his strength and courage, but it will forge his identity, teaching him to open up to others and make him realize that nothing is exactly as it seems in this world.


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