Children's & Youth, Documentary

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 30 minutes par épisode

Now in Season 5, JAM begins another cross-country quest for French-Canadian musical talent. On journey No. 5 – the second Pan-Canadian one – seven young musical artists will again be accompanied by humorist, author, songwriter, and TV host Patrick Groulx.

For the first four seasons, and always with renewed pleasure, Patrick has taken fans of French music on a journey to discover young talent. He puts his wealth of experience to work to act as a mentor, mother hen...and secret agent of sorts! And always in good humor, of course.

But JAM also explores the harsh reality of starting a French career in an English environment, and often without means. And while the series is fun for everyone, its role is to provide major support to stimulate French culture as well. A career springboard. An artistic road trip that’s full of surprises and loaded with charm, both in its musical discoveries and its encounters along the way.

That’s JAM!


Cast/Participants: Patrick Groulx

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