Region: Western

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 44:00

Who hasn’t felt the urge to sing in the shower, to chime in on the chorus of their favourite tune or belt out an anthem at a sporting event? Melodies ring out at every important human activity — from romancing mates to soothing babies, from worshipping to mourning, celebrating to protesting.

But why? Are we hardwired for music? Addicted to rhythm? What power does music have over our bodies and our brains?  Scientists have only recently begun to seriously examine how and why music has such a profound impact on humans.

Researchers from around the world are exploring our relationship with music. In the caves of Germany’s Swabian Alps they’ve unearthed the world’s oldest musical instruments — 42,000-year-old flutes that prove that the first Homo sapiens were likely playing music as often as they were pounding together stone tools. At LIVELab in Hamilton, Ontario, a one-of-a-kind concert hall and high-tech laboratory, scientists are measuring brain waves of musicians and their audiences to determine how music creates undeniable social bonds. In Brisbane, Australia researchers are finding that aggressive music actually calms and reduces hostility, and in Melbourne, Australia they are researching whether there might actually be a musical gene.  I Got Rhythm: The Science of Song is a documentary that vibrates in perfect harmony with the scientific mysteries of music.

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