Hi Opie!

Children's & Youth

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Hi Opie! is a live-action preschool dramatic series about the adventures of a five-year-old puppet named Opie who just started kindergarten.

With its combination of candid, improvised moments by real kindergarten kids, strong, character-driven story lines, magical puppetry and significant curriculum goals, Hi Opie!’s second season builds on its successes in the first season. We tell stories that spring from the play-based, child directed learning experience and give kids tools to handle emotional challenges in kindergarten. Season two will build on puppetry, performances and locations – we’ll see more kids in shots conveying the overall energy of the classroom, the class out on the playground and possibly even a field trip! This will solidify our reputation of excellence as a preschool format for children all over the world.

Kindergarten is a big adventure, and Opie and his classroom buddies are up for it!

There are stories to make up, friendships to be made and mended, and imagination to be sparked. Opie, the one-of-a-kind soft and cuddly central character, drives each new story. No matter what the challenge, there is no problem, no mistake, and no ‘boo-boo’ that can’t be fixed with a smile, a hug, or some words of advice from Opie’s teacher and his brand new friends. Opie’s big personality and imagination make every day exciting.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Marble Media Inc. ,Hi Opie 1 East Productions Inc.

Coproduction Partner(s): Lolofilm Inc. , Hi Opie 2 East Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Jordan Lockhart, Paul Barnes, Amber Mills, Pay Chen