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Go Away Unicorn!

Children's & Youth
English (Available dubbed in French)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 52 x 11 min.

Based on the book by the same name, “Go Away, Unicorn!” follows the adventures of Alice, a little girl with many interests – music, art, literature, Bolivian stick fighting. She is a confident, driven child with a wide variety of passions and talents who really thrives on her busy lifestyle. But, the truth is, Alice could use a little more fun and a little less structure in her life. That's where Unicorn comes in.
One day, at Alice's birthday party, a real live unicorn shows up and declares himself her new best friend! And while one would assume that any little girl would be thrilled, Alice is not. Partly because he is not on the schedule, but mostly because Alice isn't interested in unicorns. Or rainbows. Or glitter. Or anything pink. Alice marches to the beat of her own drum. (A Japanese taiko drum which she is learning to master every Wednesday at 4:30.)
Unicorn is a nutty, fun-loving party animal. With a horn on his head and a song in his armpit, he provides the unstructured fun every kid (especially Alice) needs in her life. Always ready with a funny prop, a kooky costume, or a silly joke, Unicorn is the yin to Alice's yang. The Lucy to her Ricky. The oy to her vey. And while Alice may try to avoid Unicorn, he always shows up... and sometimes throws up (It's hard to stop eating cake.), prompting Alice to shout: “GO AWAY UNICORN!!”


Cast/Participants: Chris Diamantopolous, Rebecca Husain, Jennifer Hale