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Galas du Grand Rire 2011

Comedy, Variety & Performing Arts

A series of comedy shows filmed at Quebec City’s Grand Théâtre during the Festival Grand Rire de Québec with uproarious performances by local and guest comedy stars in solo, pair and group routines. Give your funny bone a real workout with cartloads of sardonic and biting remarks, incredible facial expressions, tall tales and parodies beyond compare. Get ready to howl, get ready to roar, get ready to laugh out loud like never before.

Cast/Participants: Anthony Kavanagh, Mario Jean, Peter MacLeod, Dominic et Martin, Réal Béland, Mario Tessier, Boucar Diouf, Les Chick’n Swell, Les Denis Drolet, François Massicotte, André-Philippe Gagnon, Dominic Paquet, Marc Dupré

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