Children's & Youth

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2015

Duration: 11 x 52 min par saison

GALALA is a well paced and playful artistic contest where we meet with young 5 to 15 year-old francophone amateur talents.

After an intense audition campaign throughout Canada, eight acts are selected per episode. Only one act for each one of the ten regional episodes, chosen by a local celebrity, will be lucky to present a new number at the Grand GALALA and maybe win the Grand Trophy.

In a sparkling and suspenseful musical atmosphere supported by an in-house band, our host Nathalie Nadon, a well-known entertainer, gives each episode a dynamic and diverting tone, showcasing our young talents.

Nathalie is assisted by a young Local Correspondent, aged 16 to 22, who's mission is to interview each candidate about his/her personality, school life, family life, other hobbies, hopes, fears, etc. The Local Correspondent also has the honour to present the audience with his/her city and its principal attractions, favourite places and little secrets.

GALALA is a unique opportunity for the young talents to highlight their region and community and to perform in front of a cross-Canada audience. All forms of artistic expressions are welcome - singing, playing music, dancing, slaming, acting, comedy, martial arts, magic, circus, in a group or solo. Classic, original, amusing or simply off-the-wall acts; only the quality of the performance and the enthusiasm are important.

GALALA celebrates our French-speaking youth in a series full of incident that is not your usual gala, but a GALALA, voilà !

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Red Letter Films Ltd ,Médiatique Inc.

Cast/Participants: Nathalie Nadon, Steven J. Charles, Emilyn Stam, Todd Biffard


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