French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 60

In the small reclusive Quebec village of Fatale-Station, residents’ lives are disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Sarah (Macha Limonchik), a mysterious stranger who has been trying to escape a man who’s been after her all her life. His presence truly upsets the lives of people living there. François (Denis Bernard), Fatale-Station’s disillusioned mayor, is determined to protect Sarah from her attacker, even willing to risk everything to do so, including his marriage to Johanne (Anie-Pascale Robitaille), who’s been in a catatonic state for a year. Eddy (Claude Legault), manager of the Beijing Palace restaurant and bar, is not insensitive to the charms of the newcomer. Something that also complicates his relationship with Jean O’Gallagher (Micheline Lanctôt), powerful matriarch of the village, who insists that the beautiful unknown visitor go back to where she came from. She also insists that her sister, Liza, (Micheline Bernard), makes sure that Sarah doesn’t find a place to stay in Fatale-Station. The O’Gallagher sisters are wary of this woman who gets everyone all riled up. Are they right? In spite of everything, Sarah manages to get into the good graces of some of the villagers, including Alexandre (William Cyr), the butcher, and Ina (Marilyn Castonguay), the waitress at the Beijing Palace. What’s behind Sarah’s altruism? Because, after all, no one comes to settle in Fatale-Station without something to hide. Meanwhile, Carolane (Kathleen Fortin), the hairdresser, is under house arrest for inadvertently helping her husband, Denis (Martin Dubreuil), defraud local residents. To escape her fate, she falls in love with Corbeau (Eric Robidoux), a pseudo-Aboriginal who meddles in a conflict between the villagers and the Atikamekws. For his part, Alderman Langevin (Alexis Martin), arch-rival to the mayor, intends to take power to restore Fatale-Station’s reputation to its rightful acclaim. Who will come out on top in all these battles that Sarah’s presence has so severely complicated?

Fatal Station is a psychological thriller where revenge, manipulation, and quest for deliverance intertwine to reveal the dark and passionate side of human nature. How far will we go to bend others to our will? How should we respond to the will to live and to overcome things which threaten us? Is it possible to be forever free from what haunts us and pursues us? Can we change the course of our lives or are we doomed to fate?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Attraction Images Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Macha Limonchik, Claude Legault, Denis Bernard, Marilyn Castonguay, Guillaume Cyr, Jean-Carl Boucher, Micheline Lanctot, Kathleen Fortin, Micheline Bernard, Alexis Martin