Face à la rue


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Homelessness disturbs us. Have you ever looked away as a panhandler approaches? Face à la rue is a docu-style reality series of 13 episodes that shows homelessness like you’ve never seen it before! Each episode presents the courageous journey of men and women as they struggle to get off the street and others who don’t even try. Their world, where hope and despair collide, is explored deeply, frankly, and touchingly.

Jean-Marie Lapointe is on a personal quest as our dedicated and skilled guide into the lives of those who survive on the street. He is gifted with a knack for translating the emotions, motivations, and disappointments of the homeless in ways viewers can understand, so they can appreciate how very fine the line is between our way of life and theirs.

The homeless that join Jean-Marie tell their own stories of perseverance, how they ended up this way, how they survive on a daily basis between their makeshift shelters, support centres, and alone on the street, and finally, how they escaped.

Face à la rue takes a dignified and honest look into what we see and what is said by those we meet on the street without compromise. So you won’t have to look away the next time a homeless person crosses your path.

Cast/Participants: Animateur: Jean Marie Lapointe