Dead Set On Life Seaon 2


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Matty’s back for another season of Dead Set On Life, and this time he’s going global! He’s on a mission to find some of the most passionate people the world has to offer, and experience their culture through a common love of food.

Inspired by family, friends, and his culinary background, Matty embarks on eight new adventures that will take him all around the world — from remote parts of his own country that few have explored, to Europe and deep into the southern States. He’s widening his search for unique experiences that allow him to appreciate different rituals and traditions surrounding the cuisine eaten in each town he visits. This season he’ll meet and eat with Politicians, Farmers, Foragers, Race Car Drivers, Chefs, Artists, Hunters, Tradesman, Distant Relatives and more!

In addition to broadening Matty’s food palate, Dead Set On Life’s second season will provide a platform for VICE viewers to explore some current global hot topics like sustainability, nose to tail dining, global warming, and much more.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Vice Productions (DSOL 2) Inc.

Cast/Participants: Matty Matheson